The King family was a family that mostly lived in Avonlea, Prince Edward Island in the 19th and 20th century.

About the familyEdit


Members by birth

Members by marriage

  • Heziah King's wife
  • Janet King (nee Ward)
  • Roger King's wife

Related familiesEdit

  • Dale family
  • Pike family
  • Stanley family
  • Ward family

Family treeEdit

King family
Heziah King
Arabella King
Hetty King
Alec King
Janet Ward
Roger King
Ruth King
Blair Stanley
Olivia King
Jasper Dale
Felicity King
Gus Pike
Felix King
Cecily King
Daniel King
Andrew King
Sara Stanley
Montgomery Dale


Behind the scenesEdit


  • The King family originally appears in The Story Girl and The Golden Road, L.M. Montgomery's novels which are not part of any of the Anne of Green Gables universes. They mostly reside in Carlisle, Prince Edward Island.
  • The unofficial head of the family is the late Abraham King. His name is most likely a reference to the Biblical patriarch Abraham as he and his wife Elizabeth Ward had 14 children in all. After their wedding, they gradually set an orchard composed of the birth trees planted after the births of their children and grandchildren.
  • Abraham and Elizabeth's children were Alan, Alec, Edward, Felicity, Felix, Julia, Louisa, Olivia, Roger, Stephen and four unnamed sons and daughters. Stephen was their first-born who became a sailor and got lost with his ship. At the beginning of The Story Girl, Alan King is a widower and the father of two sons, Beverley and Felix. Alec is married to Janet Frewan and they have three children – Dan, Felicity and Cecily. Edward became a pastor and resides with his family in Halifax. Felicity and Felix were twins who passed away on the same day. Felicity got married to Blair Stanley and gave birth to Sara Stanley, also known as the Story Girl. Roger and Olivia are both unmarried and live together near Alec's house. The latter eventually marries Dr. Seton. Julia lives in California, while Louisa resides in Charlottetown.
  • The King family in Road to Avonlea is composed of only five siblings – Hetty, Alec, Roger, Ruth and Olivia. Hetty doesn't appear in the original novels. Ruth as the mother of Sara Stanley is the counterpart of Felicity from the books. Alec's background is similar to the original – he is married to Janet Ward and has four children. Felix, originally his nephew, becomes Alec's older son. Dan (who is the oldest in the novels) becomes the youngest member of Alec's family. Roger apparently substitutes Alan King, being a widower and the father of Andrew. Roger's son shares the similar fate with Beverley and Felix from the books – he spends time with his King cousins while his father is abroad. At the beginning, Olivia is unmarried just like her book counterpart. Eventually she marries Jasper Dale, not Dr. Seton.
Abraham King
Elizabeth Ward
Stephen King
Alan King
Alec King
Janet Frewan
Edward King
Felicity King
Blair Stanley
Felix King
Julia King
Louisa King
Olivia King
Dr. Seton
Roger King
4 children
Beverley King
Felix King
Dan King
Felicity King
Cecily King
Sara Stanley
  • The 2012 version of the official Road to Avonlea website described the King family as, The King Family is one of the oldest families in Avonlea, residing at King Farm for many generations. Hetty, Alec, Roger, Ruth and Olivia are the five children of Heziah King. Alec married Janet Ward in 1888 and had 4 children, Felicity, Felix, Cecily and Daniel who they raise on King Farm which has been left to Alec by his father. Hetty King, the eldest of the Kings is unmarried and lives at Rose Cottage and works as a teacher, but later in life she decided to follow her passion and become a writer. Ruth King is the deceased mother of Sara Stanley; she died of tuberculosis while Sara was still a toddler. Roger King is a world renowned geologist and the third King sibling. He is the father of Andrew King, who stayed in Avonlea for a brief period from 1903 to 1904; Roger came to retrieve his son, resulting in several feuds between Roger and Alec, one of which almost resulting in Alec drowning. However, the event resulted in Alec and Roger settling their differences after a long sibling rivalry. Roger and Andrew left for Nova Scotia after Roger took a teaching position at Dalhousie University. Olivia, the youngest of the King siblings is still often treated as the baby. Hetty often became over bearing, much to Olivia’s annoyance. She works as journalist at the Avonlea Chronicle where she met her husband, photographer Jasper Dale. The King family is the primary focus of the show, with each member usually serving as the protagonist for an episode.[1]


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