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Kindred Spirit
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Catherine M. Andronik



Publication date

31 October 1993


Kindred Spirit: A Biography of L. M. Montgomery, Creator of Anne of Green Gables is a book by Catherine M. Andronik. It was published in 1993 and is one of the earliest biographies of Lucy Maud Montgomery.


"For my mother – who gave me a copy of Anne of Green Gables when I was eleven"

Book description

Anne of Green Gables is loved around the world by young and old alike. The stories of Anne and her family have appeared in hard- and softcover books, in films, musicals, television specials, and ballet. Anne of Green Gables is even a literature text in Japan.

Their author, Lucy Maud Montgomery, like Anne, grew up on Prince Edward Island. Her mother died when she was very small, and her father travelled west, so she, also like Anne, was brought up by an elderly couple – in Maud's case, her grandparents.

From her youth, Maud Montgomery knew she wanted to write. But in rural Canada at the turn of the century, her ambition seemed peculiar to most people. Even her grandparents couldn't understand why she wanted more education and why she refused to settle down to marry a local farmer. They never encouraged her in her pursuit of education, in her jobs as teacher and newspaperwoman, or in her writing career.

After many disheartening rejections, Maud's stories began to sell to magazines. Anne also began as a short story, but her vivid personality took over, making her the heroine of her own novel.

Even with Anne's success, Maud Montgomery still struggled – with resistance to her career from friends, family, even from her own minister husband, as her books competed with her husband's deepening depression for her attention.

Here is the story of L. M. Montgomery, whose heroines continue to bring joy and pleasure to young readers in every new generation. [from the dust jacket inside flap]


There are thirteen chapters, plus an introduction, chapter notes, a bibliography and an index.


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