Kate MacComber was the wife of the Captain Amasa MacComber, the owner of Windy Poplars and a friend of Anne Shirley.


Early lifeEdit

Marriage with Amasa MacComberEdit

Kate married Captain Amasa MacComber, a splendid sea captain, when she was young. She went on a honeymoon with him, travelled the world, and then returned home to their comfortable nest.

Captain Amasa MacComber had put various poplars about their home — thus, the name. Amasa rarely came back, which Kate always said was troublesome. Summerside occupants could never tell if that was because he didn't stay long when he came back, or that he came back at all.

The two never had any children.

Life at Windy PoplarsEdit

Life at Windy Poplars could have gotten dull, presumably after Amasa's death. Kate took in a distant relative of hers, Chatty MacLean. Later, she hired Rebecca Dew, made a home for Dusty Miller, and finally boarded Anne.


Kate was tall, silent, and pretty. Chatty always wondered that she didn't talk so much, and had so much to talk about—while she talked endlessly and didn't have anything much to talk about.

Physical appearanceEdit


Kate is a female given name of Greek origin, short form of Katherine and means pure.

Behind the scenesEdit




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