Julia Bell was a member of the Bell family, a classmate of Anne Shirley and a member of the A.V.I.S..


Early lifeEdit

Julia was born in 1865 in Avonlea to the Bell family. She was raised there and attended Avonlea school along with Diana Barry, Josie Pye, Jane Andrews and Ruby Gillis.


Gilbert Blythe: "We've succeeded in almost all our plans so far, except in getting the old Boulter house removed, and I've given that up in despair. Levi won't have it taken down just to vex us. There's a contrary streak in all the Boulters and it's strongly developed in him."
Anne Shirley: "Julia Bell wants to send another committee to him, but I think the better way will just be to leave him severely alone."
Gilbert: "And trust to Providence, as Mrs. Lynde says. Certainly, no more committees. Julia Bell thinks you can do anything, if you only have a committee to attempt it."
―Gilbert and Anne discussing Julia[src]

Julia was nice to and admired Anne, but soon became annoying. According to Gilbert, Julia Bell thinks one can do anything, if one only has a committee to attempt it.


Josie PyeEdit


Josie Pye

Julia was best friends with Josie Pye. Once, Josie and Julia did not speak for three months, because Josie told Bessie Wright that Julia's bow when she got up to recite made her think of a chicken jerking its head, and Bessie told Julia.

Gertie PyeEdit

"They are very intimate and go everywhere together; but Gertie is always saying nasty things of Julia behind her back and everybody thinks she is jealous of her because she is always so pleased when anybody criticises Julia."
Anne Shirley about Julia and Gertie's relationship[src]

Julia had a "frenemy" relationship with Josie's sister Gertie. They often did things together despite disagreeing with each other. This relationship exists probably because Julia had a better (but still not perfect) relationship with Josie.

Sloane familyEdit

None of the Sloanes would have any dealings with the Bells, because the Bells had declared that the Sloanes had too much to do in the program (concert), and the Sloanes had retorted that the Bells were not capable of doing the little they had to do properly.

Anne ShirleyEdit


Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe.

Julia copied carefully on a piece of pale pink paper scalloped on the edges the following poem and gave it to Anne, when she returned to school.

"When twilight drops her curtain down
And pins it with a star
Remember that you have a friend
Though she may wander far

Gilbert BlytheEdit

Gilbert never liked her and said that he studied the multiplication table by her freckles.

Physical appearanceEdit


Julia is a female name of Latin origin and means youthful or Jove's child.

  • Julia shared her name with Julia Stevens, the sister of Jarvis Morrow.


Book appearances

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