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Josie Pye
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"Marilla, I've almost decided to give up trying to like Josie Pye. I've made what I would once have called a heroic effort to like her, but Josie Pye won't be liked."
Anne Shirley[src]

Josie Pye was a member of the Pye family, the sister of Gertie and a classmate of Anne Shirley, Gilbert Blythe and Diana Barry.


Early lifeEdit

Josie was born in Avonlea sometime in 1866 to Mr. and Mrs. Pye. In September 1872 she attended Avonlea School. Josie was younger than Anne, but she was in Anne's class because she advanced quickly (probably by cheating).

"I'm glad... I couldn't really feel proud of keeping head of little boys and girls of just nine or ten. I got up yesterday spelling 'ebullition'. Josie Pye was head and, mind you, she peeped in her book. Mr. Phillips didn't see her - he was looking at Prissy Andrews - but I did. I just swept her a look of freezing scorn and she got as red as a beet and spelled it wrong after all."
Anne Shirley about Josie.

Studies at Queen's AcademyEdit

Josie joined a special class for future Queen's Academy students along with Anne, Gilbert, Jane, Ruby, Moody and Charlie. They passed the examination and all attended school in September 1880. Josie studied there for two years. In September 1882 she started teaching.

Later lifeEdit

When Anne, Gilbert and Charlie decided to study at Redmond College, the Avonlea Village Improvement Society gave a farewell party in honour of Anne and Gilbert one August evening at the home of Josie.

They chose that place, partly because Mr. Pye's house was large and convenient, partly because it was strongly suspected that Josie and Gertie would have nothing to do with the affair if their offer of the house for the party was not accepted.


When she was 22, she married an unknown young man. The wedding took place in Avonlea during autumn 1888.


Physical appearanceEdit

"That would have been ridiculous, for who ever heard of a fairy queen as fat as Josie?"
Anne of Green Gables, Chapter 24[src]


Josie is a female given name of English origin, shortened form of Josephine, which is of Hebrew origin and means Jehovah increases.

Behind the scenesEdit



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