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Josephine Barry
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Great-aunt Josephine

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"She's father's aunt and she lives in Charlottetown. She's awfully old -- seventy anyhow -- and I don't believe she was ever a little girl."
Diana Barry about her great-aunt.[src]

Josephine Barry was the paternal aunt of George Barry, the great-aunt of Diana Barry and one of Anne's kindred spirits.


Early lifeEdit

Josephine was born in 1800s probably in Avonlea, Prince Edward Island. She was raised there and attended Avonlea school. Josephine never married. She moved to Charlottetown and had a big house.

Meeting AnneEdit


Josephine fell ill in 1883 and did not feel well for over a year. The Barrys were expecting to hear of her death any time. She died in December 1884 after months of suffering.

"Miss Josephine Barry is dead."
—Anne Shirley

Some time after her death, Anne Shirley received letters from her friends and a thin, typewritten communication which she thought was unimportant. It was a letter from Miss Barry's lawyer – he wrote her about the recent death of his client who had left Anne a thousand dollars. Anne grieved for her late benefactor and eventually used the money to pay her school fees.


Physical appearanceEdit

Miss Josephine had grey hair.


Josephine is a female given name of Hebrew origin and means Jehovah increases.

Behind the scenesEdit


  • In the 1987 film, Josephine was guest at Diana's wedding. In the book, she didn't attend it, because she had died one and half year prior.
  • The house used as Josephine's in the 1985 film is actually Spadina Museum and Heritage Gardens which is located in Toronto, Ontario.


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