Joseph "Joe" Milgrave was the son of Angus and Mrs. Milgrave and the husband of Miranda Pryor.


Early lifeEdit

Joe was born in the 1890s in Glen St. Mary, Prince Edward Island, to Angus Milgrave and his wife. His father died when Joe was a child.

Marriage with Miranda PryorEdit


Joe Milgrave was approved of by Mr. Pryor, before the war began. However, after the start of World War I, Mr. Pryor refused to let Miranda marry him, for reasons best beknownst to himself. However, Joe still loved Miranda. When Carl Meredith walked beside her on the way to the lighthouse dance, he glowered. When Miller Douglas and Mary Vance 'appeared out' in church, he sighed. Finally, Joe managed to marry Miranda, with the help of Rilla Blythe. A war-wedding occurred, the couple went on a three-day-vacation, and Private Joseph Milgrave departed for Europe.


Physical appearanceEdit


Joseph is a male given name of Hebrew origin and means Jehovah increases.


Book appearances

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