James Kitchener "Jims" Anderson was the son of Jim and Min Anderson and the war-baby of Rilla Blythe.


Early lifeEdit

Jims was born in August 1914 in Glen St. Mary, Prince Edward Island, to Min and Jim Anderson. His father fought in World War I and he wasn't at Prince Edward Island when his child was born. Jims' mother died after she gave birth to him.

Life with RillaEdit

Rilla, who was calling at the Anderson house one evening, came across poor, baby Jims and decided to take him home. She found a soup tureen, plopped him in it, and drove off in a hurry. Two weeks later, although she disliked babies and felt no love for Jims, she decided to keep him and adopt the little boy, until his father came back from the front.

Jims called her "Willa," and he loved her. Well he should, for she took good care of him. Soon, she learned to love Jims and worried about his future with his father.

In the closing chapters of Rilla of Ingleside, Jims tumbled into a little fortune. Having mistaken the house of strange Mrs. Matilda Pitman, Rilla was mortified to find that it was not the home of her friend, Hannah Brewster. Fortunately, Mrs. Matilda Pitman took mercy on them. Jims, who was chary with kisses, even with the Ingleside folk, gave Matilda one. She so loved him, because he liked her, that she gave him $5,000 dollars upon her death soon thereafter, in such a way that Jim Anderson could not squander it.

Life with Jim AndersonEdit



Rilla BlytheEdit

Physical appearanceEdit


James is a male given name of Hebrew origin and means supplanter. Kitchener is the surname of famous earl Kitchener, who fought in World War I.

Behind the scenesEdit


Book appearances

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