Jim Wilcox was a young man who lived across the bay from Bonnyview and the husband of Nora Nelson.


Early lifeEdit

Jim was born sometimes in late 1850s to Wilcox family in Summerside. He befriended and raised with Nora Nelson. When she put a light up in the little window in the attic, Jim sailed across at once.

"We've been... friends... ever since we were kids. We went everywhere together. "
Nora Nelson about Jim to Anne Shirley.

Jim courted with Nora, but in January 1888 they had a big quarrel. After that, people said he's driving Eleanor Pringle, but it wasn't true. Jim still loved Nora.


Sally Nelson, Nora's sister, married Gordon Hill at Bonnyview on June 30, 1888. Previous night Nora told Anne Shirley, Sally's bridesmaid, about her relationship with Jim.

"I love Jim... and I want to get married."
Nora Nelson

After the wedding Anne set light in the window and forgot it. Jim was at Masonic banquet in Summerside and got home at one from it. When he saw the light, he sailed to Bonnyview. Only Nora wasn't asleep and she was sitting at her window. Then she saw a man coming up from the shore. When he was near, she knew it was Jim. She ran down and ran into the library and made her nose bleed.

Jim tried to stop bleeding, but all in the house woke up. They heard a noise and found them in the library. Aunt Mouser said that he must marry her. Then Jim proposed Nora and she agreed.

"And yet I was fool enough to tear over here in the dead of night because I thought you'd put our old signal in the window and wanted me! Ask you to marry me! Well, I'll ask you now and have done with it and you can have the fun of turning me down before all this gang. Nora Edith Nelson, will you marry me?"
—Jim proposed Nora Nelson.

Marriage with Nora NelsonEdit

Jim married Nora in September 1888. They had a small and quiet wedding and didn't invite Aunt Mouser.



Nora NelsonEdit

"Marry her! What have I wanted all my life but to marry her... never wanted anything else!"
—Jim Wilcox

Physical appearanceEdit

"He was a rather nice-looking young man, with crinkly russet eyes and crinkly red-brown hair, not to mention a chin that gave the world assurance of a chin."
Anne of Windy Poplars, Chapter 16, The First Year[src]


Jim is a male given name and means he who supplants, short form of Hebrew name James.


Book appearances

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