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Gerald Meredith
Biographical information
Born 1894
Died Unknown
Also known as Jerry
Physical information
Gender Male
Hair colour Black
Eye colour Black
Skin colour Fair
Family information
Family members



Nieces and nephews



In-law family

Affiliation Meredith family
Canadian Army

Gerald "Jerry" Meredith was the eldest son of John Meredith and Cecilia Meredith, brother of Faith, Una, Carl and Bruce, the husband of Nan Blythe and the father of Diana Meredith.


Early life

Jerry was born in 1894 in Maywater, Prince Edward Island, to John Meredith and his wife Cecilia. Year after his birth, his younger sister Faith was born and in 1896, second sister Una was born. In autumn 1897, their youngest brother Carl was born. The children were raised together at Maywater manse.

In 1902, when Jerry was eight years old, his mother became ill and then she died. Jerry and other siblings were devastated and so was their father. Four years later, John became minister in Glen St. Mary and whole family moved there.

Life in Glen St. Mary

World War I

Jerry enlisted in the army as soon as he could after England declared war. He and Jem enlisted together. Jerry was injured twice during his enlistment. The first time he simply was knocked out by a shell blast. The second time was more serious as he was wounded in the back. For a time, the Meredith family thought he might not make it, but he did.


"Gerald Meredith is the cleverest pupil in the Glen... He is a manly, honourable, truthful little fellow."
Anne Shirley about Jerry.[src]

Physical appearance

"Jerry had his father's black hair and large black eyes, but in him the latter were flashing instead of dreamy."
Rainbow Valley, Chapter 4


Gerald is a male given name of Old German origin and means spear ruler.

Behind the scenes


Book appearances

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