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Jen Pringle
Biographical information
Born 1873
Died Unknown
Also known as Jen
Physical information
Gender Female
Hair colour Brown
Eye colour Green
Skin colour Fair
Family information
Family members

Aunts and uncles



  • Lewis Stedman (husband)


Affiliation Pringle family

Jen Stedman (nee Pringle) was the daughter of James and Mrs. Pringle, wife of Lewis Stedman and student of Summerside High School during principalship of Anne Shirley.


Early life

Jen was born in 1873 in Summerside to James and Mrs. Pringle. She was raised there along with other members of her family, notably her cousin Myra .

In 1879, Jen attended Summerside school and a few years later Summerside High School.

School life

Jen, as aforesaid, was extremely smart. Head of her class in everything, and with sharp green eyes, Anne wanted to be friends with her... but the Pringle prejudice against her prevented that for the first period of Windy Poplars' life. Jen, it seemed, either loved someone or hated them. Anne was of the latter for quite some time. Every time Anne turned around, things would be happening... and you could be sure Jen was behind them all. She was late for school, insolent to Anne, drew things on the chalkboard, made faces, and always with a perfectly watertight excuse. It was good for Anne that she found Malcolm Pringle's book!

Jen had a flair for acting, with proved to make things exciting during the time of the play. However, she gave Anne and Katherine Brooke a hard time by 'taking tonsillitis'.


When Jen Pringle finally came for a long-promised trip to the Glen for a visit to Anne, it provided a perfect opportunity for the distracted matchmaker, at the time. Jen met Lewis Stedman at the party, and later married him. Anne was wont to say that "The Bristol Candlesticks were not sacrificed in vain!".


Physical appearance


Jen is a female given name which means fair and smooth, variant of Welsh names Jennifer and Guinevere or English name Jenny.

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