Janet Douglas (née Sweet) was the sister of Anne Sweet and the wife of John Douglas. Anne Shirley boarded with her during her stay in Valley Road.



Physical appearanceEdit

"Janet is a dear soul and very nicelooking; tall, but not over-tall; stoutish, yet with a certain restraint of outline suggestive of a thrifty soul who is not going to be overlavish even in the matter of avoirdupois. She has a knot of soft, crimpy, brown hair with a thread of gray in it, a sunny face with rosy cheeks, and big, kind eyes as blue as forget-me-nots."
Anne Shirley[src]


Janet is a female given name of Scottish origin and means little Joan.

Behind the scenesEdit


  • Anita Lochner provided the voice of Janet in the German audio drama Anne of the Island (2009).


Book appearances

Audio drama appearances

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