James A. Harrison was the husband of Emily Harrison and the neighbour of Marilla Cuthbert, Anne Shirley and the other residents of Green Gables.


Early lifeEdit

Marriage with EmilyEdit

Arrival to AvonleaEdit

He was seen as odd by many at first. He kept house for himself and had publicly stated that he wanted no fools of women around his diggings. Feminine Avonlea took its revenge by the gruesome tales it related about his house-keeping and cooking. John Henry Carter of White Sands, his hired man, started the stories. For one thing, there was never any stated time for meals in the Harrison establishment. Mr. Harrison "got a bite" when he felt hungry, and if John Henry were around at the time, he came in for a share, but if he were not, he had to wait until Mr. Harrison's next hungry spell. John Henry mournfully averred that he would have starved to death if it wasn't that he got home on Sundays and got a good filling up, and that his mother always gave him a basket of "grub" to take back with him on Monday mornings.



Anne ShirleyEdit

He was furious with Anne at first when her cow broke into his oats. But he forgave her and became a kindred spirit.

Physical appearanceEdit

"Mr. Harrison could not have been considered a handsome man; he was short and fat and bald; and now, with his round face purple with rage and his prominent blue eyes almost sticking out of his head, Anne thought he was really the ugliest person she had ever seen."
Anne of Avonlea, Chapter 1[src]


James is a male given name of Hebrew origin and means supplanter.

Behind the scenesEdit


  • Mr. Harrison appears in a Road to Avonlea episode, "Old Friends, Old Wounds". He is depicted as a neighbour for the residents at Green Gables and while he gets along with Marilla Cuthbert, Rachel Lynde is antagonistic toward him for buying the property that the Lyndes' were forced to sell after Thomas Lynde's death. Mr. Harrison winds up purchasing the land that Green Gables stands on when Marilla dies without signing the will that would have granted the estates to Anne Shirley, but allows Rachel, Davey and Dora Keith to continue residing on the property. He makes another brief appearance in the episode "Home Movie". Mr. Harrison's ownership of Green Gables is also referenced in Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story, when Anne bitterly notes how poorly Green Gables has been cared for since she had last been there.


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