"I won't be! And don't you give me any more of your lip, Ivy Trent."
Gerald Raymond[src]

Ivy Trent was a young girl who lived down the street from the Raymonds.

Biography Edit

Early lifeEdit

Ivy was born in 1882 in Summerside to Mr. and Mrs. Trent. She had a dress for every afternoon in the week. Mrs. Trent always arrayed her in spotless white.

Visit to the Raymonds' houseEdit

In September 1889, Anne Shirley was babysitting Raymond twins, Gerald and Geraldine while their mother was gone in Charlottetown at her sister's funeral. While Anne was talking with James Grand inside the house, 7 year old Ivy came to see the twins. Ivy came over to show off her beautiful new brown boots and her sash and shoulder bows and hair bows of scarlet ribbon.

Ivy: "How do you like my new sash and shoulder bows?"
Geraldine: "How do you like my new sash and shoulder bows?"
Ivy: "But you haven't got shoulder bows."
Geraldine: "But you haven't got shoulder bows."
Ivy: "I have so. Can't you see them?"
Geraldine: "I have so. Can't you see them?"
―Ivy Trent talking with Geraldine Raymond[src]

Then Ivy told Gerald that he would be her beau. But he didn't want so, started shout and told her to not give him her lips. Gerald was angry and told Ivy that he will duck her head in the rain-barrel, rub her face in an ant's nest and tear them bows and sash off her. Twins pounced like furies on Ivy, who kicked and shrieked and tried to bite. Together they hauled her across the yard and into the woodshed, where her howls could not be heard.

Gerald held Ivy's legs while Geraldine held her wrists with one hand and tore off her hair bow and shoulder bows and sash with the other.

"Let's paint her legs!"
—Gerald Raymond[src]

Geraldine pulled down Ivy's stockings and painted her legs with wide stripes of red and green paint. As a finishing touch they filled her curls with burrs. Poor Ivy escaped and told everything to her mother.


Ivy was extremely pretty, very vain, and wanted Gerald to be her beau.

Physical appearanceEdit


Ivy is a female given name of Old English origin, derived from the climbing plant that has small yellow flowers.


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