The High School Dramatic Club was a club founded by Anne Shirley, for a few extra funds, for the students of Summerside High School, located in Summerside, Prince Edward Island.



Anne Shirley, the principal and a teacher at Summerside High School at the time, founded the High School Dramatic Club for students interested in the dramatic arts.

Mary, Queen of ScotsEdit

Mary, Queen of Scots was a play that the Dramatic Club put on as their first production, in the November 1887, first year of Anne's principalship. At Katherine Brooke's insistence, Jen Pringle played Mary.

One evening, though, Anne found Sophy Sinclair in tears. When Anne found out that Sophy had desperately wanted to play Mary, she found another copy of the script and practiced with Sophy, for fun. The two did have a great deal of fun together, because Sophy was full of quiet vivacity. On the day of the premiere, Jen didn't come to school and her mother announced that she was ill.

"Sophy will play the part!"
Anne Shirley

Sophy played the part - and was Queen Mary, looked Queen Mary, felt Queen Mary as Jen Pringle could never have done. The cast led up to her, and the play went off well. The curtains closed to a gigantic applause.

As a result, Sophy Sinclair became a leading actress in USA in late 1900s.


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