The HMS Royal William was Persis Leigh's delayed ship enroute to Prince Edward Island, Canada, from England.



Construction of the HMS Royal William is unknown. It is suspected, though, that it was constructed in England.


Voyage in 1831Edit

The ship sailed on June 20, 1831, from England. Its arrival in Prince Edward Island, Canada, was expected at some time in July. The Royal William, however, was delayed by storms and eventually arrived three to four weeks overdue at Four Winds Harbour.

Persis Leigh was the second woman on board, the first being the captain's wife.

The ship's absence worried all of the Four Wind's residents, the Schoolmaster (John Selwyn) included. John Selwyn saw this ship in a vision the night before it arrived, and was at peace. He knew his bride, Persis, would be home soon.


Physical appearanceEdit

The physical appearance of the HMS Royal William is unknown.


  • HMS stands for His Majesty's Ship (or Her Majesty's Ship), a common characteristic of English ships since 1789.


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