Gordon Sterne was an English actor, also known for his role as Thomas Lynde in the 1975 TV series Anne of Avonlea.



Year Title Role
1955 I Spy
1956–1958 Armchair Theatre
1958 O.S.S.
White Hunter
Missiles from Hell
1959 Rendezvous
Great Van Robbery
The Child and the Killer
Private Investigator
BBC Sunday-Night Theatre
No Hiding Place
Murder at Site 3
1959–1960 The Four Just Man
1960 Sink the Bismarck!
Hancock's Half Hour
Man from Interpol
The Millionaires
International Detective
1961 Scream of Fear
Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond
1962 Out of This World
The Fur Collar
1962–1965 Zero One
1963 Suspense
The V.I.P.s
Jezebel ex UK
1964 Espionage
The Planemakers
1964–1966 The Saint
1966 Sergeant Cork
Court Martial
The Vulture
1968 The Prisoner
Man in a Suitcase
1969 The Assassination Bureau
The Most Dangerous Man in the World
The Adding Machine
1970 Doctor Who
This, That and the Other!
Paul Temple
1971 Brett
1972 The Gangster Show: The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui
1973 The Protectors
1974 The President's Last Tape
Intimate Strangers
The Bunny Caper
1975 Anne of Avonlea Thomas Lynde
Zwei Finger einer Hand
1976 Second Verdict
The New Avengers
1978 The Many Wives of Patrick
BBC2 Playhouse
1981 An American Werewolf in London
1982 Panorama
Rating Notman
1983 Reilly: Ace of Spies
1984 The Razor's Edge
1985 Orion's Belt
John and Yoko: A Love Story
1986 Highlanders
1987 London Embassy
1992 Jeeves and Wooster
1996 Gulliver's Travels
1997 Kavanagh QC
2001 Fourplay
2002 In Memory of
2004 Laws of Attraction
2005 Little Britain
2006 Screaming Blue Murder
2007–2009 The Tudors
2009 Penny's Sweet Demise

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Actors who portrayed Thomas Lynde
Live-action actors
Robert Irvine · Edmond Bennett · Gordon Sterne · David Hughes · Philip Williams
Voice actors
Wilfried Herbst

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