Glen St. Mary school was a small village school located in Glen St. Mary, Four Winds, Prince Edward Island.


Captain Jim recalled the school existing as far back as John Selwyn’s time, who “came out from the Old Country to teach school at the Glen”, and that the double row of rose-bushes in his garden were planted by “the little girls who went to the Glen school”.[1]


The school served the village of Glen St. Mary, Four Winds. Other schools in the surrounding area consisted of the Harbour Head school, the Mowbray Narrows school, the Lowbridge school, and the Lowbridge Road school.

The old Conway farm on the Base Line, home of the Penny family, crossed the districts of both Glen St. Mary and Mowbray Narrows, and so Mr. Penny paid rates to both schools.

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Leslie West 'got' the Glen school and intended to teach there, but these plans fell by the wayside when she married Dick Moore.


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  1. Anne's House of Dreams (Chapter 7: The Schoolmaster’s Bride)
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