The Glen St. Mary manse is the manse of Presbyterian Church in Glen St. Mary, Prince Edward Island, and the home of the Meredith family.


Previous ministersEdit

Mr. Meredith's predecessor had taken great care over the appearance of the manse so that it was, at one time, "the primmest, neatest, and dearest house in the Glen".[1]

Meredith familyEdit

When the Meredith family moved into the manse, the upkeep of the property soon fell away with the combination of Aunt Martha's poor housekeeping skills and the Rev. Meredith's absent-mindedness.


The manse was located on a hill above the Glen St. Mary main street, with views over Four Winds harbour, and next door to the old Methodist graveyard.

Physical appearanceEdit

"It could not be denied that there was something very homelike and lovable about the Glen St. Mary manse in spite of its untidiness. Even the critical housewives of the Glen felt it, and were unconsciously mellowed in judgement because of it. Perhaps its charm was in part due to accidental circumstances – the luxuriant vines clustering over its gray, clap-boarded walls, the friendly acacias and balm-of-gileads that crowded about it with the freedom of old acquaintance, and the beautiful views of the harbour and sand-dunes from its front windows."
Rainbow Valley, Chapter 4[src]


Book appearances

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Rainbow Valley (Chapter 4: The Manse Children)
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