Glen St. Mary is the name of a village in Four Winds, Prince Edward Island. It is also referred to simply as the Glen.



Glen St. Mary overlooks Four Winds Harbour and neighbours the villages of Upper Glen, Lower Glen, Harbour Head, Over-Harbour, Lowbridge, and Mowbray Narrows.

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Glen St. Mary holds such places as Ingleside (the Blythe family's home), Carter Flagg's store, two churches (the Methodist one and the Presbyterian one) and associated manses.





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  • Dan Reese

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  • Although Glen St. Mary is only a fictional location in the novels, it has its real world counterpart. Glen St. Mary is a small town located in Baker County, Florida, United States.
  • At the end of Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story, Gilbert mentions that he, Anne, and their adopted son Dominic will be moving to Glen St. Mary, where Gilbert will take over Dr. Stuart's medical practice.[1]


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  1. Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story
    GILBERT: I’m going to be taking over Dr. Stuart’s medical practice in Glen St. Mary, and we drive over to look at a new house tomorrow.
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