Ginger was a parrot owned by James A. Harrison.


Early lifeEdit

Little is known of Ginger's early life; however, it is known that he had been owned by James' brother since he and James were children. He later gave Ginger to James as a gift when he was dying, and James treasured him. Later, when James married Emily Scott, Emily got tired of the parrot's profane insults, prompting her to leave and deliver an ultimatum: he had to choose between either her or Ginger. He chose Ginger, and, deciding to move from his home in Scottsford (where he was a big gossip) settled on the Island, moving to Avonlea, where he was also a gossip because of Ginger and his house. With no Emily to clean it, his house in Avonlea became very untidy. Ginger was hated by many of the residents (including Anne Shirley when she visited him) and remained with James until Uncle Abe's storm.


Ginger died in Uncle Abe's storm, which was the first and only storm that Uncle Abe (who was a self-claimed prophet) predicted.


James A. Harrison's brotherEdit

Ginger was owned by James Harrison's brother until his death. He sent it to James when he was still dying.

James A. HarrisonEdit

After his brother's death, James received Ginger and took good care of him. He treasured him because he was his dead brother's parrot and, despite his repeating of profane insults and Emily's ultimatum to choose between her or Ginger, James chose Ginger because it was a reminder of his brother and he didn't want to forget him.

Emily Harrison Edit

Although she could deal with James' improper use of grammar and untidiness, Emily could not tolerate Ginger. No matter what she did, Ginger got worse and worse and shouted many profane insults. Because of this, Emily left James and did not come back until Ginger died in the storm.


Book appearances

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