Gertrude Messinger was an American film actress, also known for her role of Diana Barry in 1934 film Anne of Green Gables.



Year Title Role
1917 The Hunted Man
A Bit o' Heaven A Raggedy Ruggles
Jack and the Beanstalk
Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp Yasmini
The Babes in the Woods
1918 Treasure Island
The Girl with the Champagne Eyes Miner's Child
Fan Fan
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves Morgiianna
1919 Miss Adventure Jane
1920 The Luck of the Irish The Kid's Romance
1921 Rip Van Vinkle Meenie Van Winkle
1922 Supply and Demand
Makin' Movies
For Rent: Haunted
The Big Scoop
1923 Stung
Penrod and Sam Marjorie Jones
Barefoot Boy Mary Truesdale
1929 The Jazz Age Marjorie
The Duke Steps Out
Hurdy Gurdy Kennedy's Daughter
Two Weeks Off Tessie McCann
Dad's Day
1930 The Rampant Age Julie
Doctor's Orders Gertie
Bigger and Better Gertie
Ladies Last Gertie
1931 Blood and Thunder Gertie Daniels
High Gear Gertie
Love Fever Gertie
Air-Tight Gertie
Let's Do Things Nightclub Dancer
Call a Cop Gertie
Mama Loves Papa Gertie Culpepper
The Kick Off! Gertie
1932 Sinister Hands Betty Lang
Riders of the Desert Barbara
Lawless Valley Rosita Huff
Madame Racketeer Patsy Hicks
Hidden Valley Joyce Lanners
Hollywood Runaround
Boy Oh Boy!
1933 The Woman Accused Evelyn Craig
He Learned About Women
Diamond Trail Blonde Secretary
1934 Love Past Thirty Zelda Burt
Crack-Up Mary
Hat, Coat, and Glove Elevator Operator
Death Fangs Mary
The Age of Innocence Ship Passenger
Anne of Green Gables Diana Barry
1935 The Fighting Pilot Jean Reynolds
Wild Waters Mary
Wagon Trail Joan Collins
Roaring Roads Gertie McDowell
Social Error June Merton
Rustler's Paradise Connie
Adventurous Knights Princess Carmencita
The Rider of the Law Ann Carver
Melody Trail Cowgirl Cuddles
1936 Blazing Justice Virginia Peterson
The Return of Jimmy Valentine Blonde
The Drag-Net Switchboard Operator
The Champ's a Chump Gertie
The Border Patrolman Telephone Operator
Aces Wild Martha Worth
Rose Bowl Girl
Our Relations Extra in Pirate's Club
Wild Brian Kent Operator
Slippery Silks Model's Assistant
1937 Secret Valley Martin's Secretary
Dizzy Doctors Nurse in Corridor
King of Gamblers Telephone Operator
Atlantic Flight Mary
Carnival Queen Small Young Woman
1939 Feud of the Range Madge Allen
Zenobia Party Guest
Our Leading Citizen Phone Operator
1940 Ride, Tenderfoot, Ride Ms. Robinson
1941 Gambling Daughters Jane
Niagara Falls Telephone Operator
The Miracle Kid Marge
1942 Pardon My Stripes Telephone Operator
Syncopation Bride
1943 Redhead from Manhatten Club Patron
Destroyer Girl
1949 Joe Palooka in the Counterpunch Nurse
Samson and Delilah
1950 Sunset Blvd. Hairdresser
1952 The Greatest Show on Earth Gertrude

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