Gerald Raymond was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond and the twin brother of Geraldine Raymond.


Early lifeEdit

When Anne Shirley, the principal of the Summerside High School at the time (1889, September), came to babysit him and his sister, Geraldine, Gerald started off the day on a bad note. To begin, he stuck his tongue out at Geraldine... put the coyote skin on his back: wanting to play 'wolf'... using a fishing rod to catch the unsuspecting caller Pamela Drake's hat, spectacles and false front from the upstairs window... telling Geraldine she had eaten a worm... making fun of and harming Ivy Trent... sneaking out of his well-deserved time out in a closet... falling into the creek... and finally giving Anne a hard time of it by being nearly-sick! But at the end—Gerald showed in an affectionate gesture that he really had enjoyed his time.


Physical appearanceEdit

"They had complexions of pink and white, large China-blue eyes and aureoles of fine, fluffy, pale yellow hair."
Anne of Windy Poplars, Chapter 2, The Third Year[src]


Gerald is a male given name of Old German origin and means spear ruler.


Book appearances

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