The Flagg family was a family that lived in Glen St. Mary, Four Winds, Prince Edward Island near the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century.

About the familyEdit

Carter Flagg and his family were at the heart of the Glen community with Carter’s general store, which was located on the Glen St. Mary main street. Liberal supporters often gathered in Mr. Flagg’s store on the night of general elections and other important news was quickly obtained by Glen inhabitants by telephoning or visiting the store.

Sissy, Nat, and Watty Flagg attended the Glen St. Mary school at the same time as Jem Blythe. Emily Flagg attended the school at the same time as Bruce Meredith.


Members by birth

  • Abbie Flagg
  • Absalom Flagg
  • Carter Flagg
  • Emily Flagg
  • Florrie Flagg
  • Ian Flagg
  • Jack Flagg — son of Carter Flagg
  • Captain Jack Flagg
  • Jim Flagg
  • Julie Flagg
  • May Flagg
  • Millie Flagg
  • Nat Flagg
  • Peter Flagg
  • Sam Flagg
  • Sissy Flagg
  • Stanley Flagg
  • Stephen Flagg
  • Tom Flagg
  • Watty Flagg

Members by marriage

  • Jen Flagg (nee Elliott) — second wife of Absalom Flagg
  • Mrs. Absalom Flagg — first wife of Absalom
  • Mrs. Carter Flagg
  • Mrs. Jim Flagg
  • Mrs. Peter Flagg
  • Mrs. Stanley Flagg
  • Mrs. Stephen Flagg

Related members

  • Abner Cromwell — married to Julie Flagg

Related familiesEdit


Behind the scenesEdit


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Short story appearances

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