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GGF 227
"Falling Apart"
Season 2, Episode 64
Air date

March 16, 2016

Written by

Alicia Whitson

Directed by

Mandy Harmon


4 minutes

Chronological order

"Not Alright"


"True Love"

Anne Shirley's weekly vlogs

"Not Alright"


"True Love"

"Falling Apart" is the 72nd weekly vlog of Anne Shirley and a Green Gables Fables episode. It premiered on YouTube on March 16, 2016.






Cinematographer: Solange Desrochers
Director: Mandy Harmon
Editors: Solange Desrochers, Mia Hills
Graphic Designer: Karina Mistry
Producer: Marie Trotter
Sound: Solange Desrochers
Writer: Alicia Whitson


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