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Faith Meredith
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Faith Blythe (nee Meredith) was the eldest daughter of John and Cecilia Meredith, the sister of Jerry, Una and Carl, the half-sister of Bruce, the wife of Jem Blythe and the mother of Walter, Jem and Anne.


Early life

Faith was born in 1895 in Maywater, Prince Edward Island, to reverend John Meredith and his wife Cecilia. She was raised there along with her older brother Jerry. A year after her birth, Faith's younger sister Una was born. Their youngest brother Carl was born in autumn 1897.

Their mother Cecilia died in 1902, when Faith was seven years old. She was devastated and so was her father. Four years later, John became minister in Glen St. Mary and the whole family moved there.

Life in Glen St. Mary

World War I

During World War I, Faith worked as a Red Cross nurse. She eventually transferred to England so she could be near Jem when he was on leave or if he was injured.

Later life

Faith later married Jem and had three children with him: Walter Jr., Jem Jr., and Anne.


"Faith Meredith is a beauty, and as inspiring and original as she is beautiful. There is nothing commonplace about her. All the other girls in the Glen put together haven't the vim, and wit, and joyousness and 'spunk' she has. She has not an enemy in the world. Every one who knows her loves her."
Anne Shirley about Faith.[src]

Faith was a merry, cordial girl. She loved to laugh and was not as sensitive as Una about the people who made fun of their family. She loved her father dearly and it hurt her terribly when he was hurt. She was kind, loving, and very joyful at all times.

Physical appearance

"Faith wore her beauty like a rose, careless and glowing. She had golden-brown eyes, golden-brown curls and crimson cheeks."
Rainbow Valley, Chapter 4


Faith is a female given name of English origin and means loyalty or belief.

Behind the scenes


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Book appearances

Short story appearances

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    • "The Pilgrim"
    • "Here Comes the Bride"
    • "The Road to Yesterday" (mentioned only)

Stage appearances

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