Ernestine Bugle was one of Amasa MacComber's cousins and a distant relation of Kate MacComber. She visited Windy Poplars during Anne Shirley's principalship at Summerside High School.


Early lifeEdit

Ernestine was born probably in early 1830s in Lowvale, Prince Edward Island, to Mr. and Mrs. Bugle. She was raised there along with her younger sister. She never married - Philip Roberts once proposed her, but she rufused him.

"Bugle I was born and Bugle I will die. Marriage is a leap in the dark and I ain't going to be drug into it."
—Ernestine about Philip Roberts.

Visit at Windy PoplarsEdit


Ernestine was a very grim old lady, fond of gossip and always very doleful.

Physical appearanceEdit

"Cousin Ernestine was not beautiful and it was extremely doubtful if she ever had been. She had a dry, pinched little face, faded, pale blue eyes, several badly placed moles and a whining voice. She wore a rusty black dress and a decrepit neck-piece of Hudson seal which she would not remove even at the table, because she was afraid of draughts."
Anne of Windy Poplars, Second Year, Chapter 8


Ernestine is a female given name of Old German origin and means serious or battle to the death.


Book appearances

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