Episode 4 is the fourth episode of Anne of Avonlea.


Charlotte E. Morgan pays a visit to Green Gables and Anne faces her old foe, Mrs. Blewett. When spring comes to Avonlea, love is in the air for many of its inhabitants, while Anne finds herself fighting off the advances of her many undesirable suitors.


With Diana's help, Anne composes herself after receiving an unexpected visit from Charlotte E. Morgan and Mrs. Pendexter. Anne removes the red dye from her nose and changes into clean clothes as Diana organises the tea party with great success. Anne takes the opportunity to show Mrs. Morgan a selection of her work and receives feedback that her greatest strength lies in writing about the places that she is familiar with, for instance, the woods of Nova Scotia.

In order to make reparations to Mrs. Barry for allowing her willow-ware platter to be broken by Davy, Anne travels to Mrs. Blewett's house under the hope that she may be willing to sell her platter. Anne's good intentions land her in another scrape, as she falls through the lean-to roof of the property while attempting to gain a glimpse of the item. Charlie Sloane eagerly comes to the rescue and helps Anne down from the roof, with the latter finding herself fighting off the former's forthright advances. Mrs. Blewett, furious at finding her roof broken, reluctantly sells Anne the willow-ware platter, while vowing to send Marilla the bill for the repairs to the roof in revenge for refusing to give Anne to her several years ago.

Diana confides in Anne that she has accepted Fred's proposal. After initially being shocked, Anne heartily congratulates her but finds herself feeling lonelier than ever after she declines Gilbert's proposal and a misunderstood message, conveyed by Davy, breaks apart their friendship as well.

Thomas Lynde dies following a long illness, leaving Rachel heartbroken. Marilla suggests that she should come to live at Green Gables, which is quickly accepted, and Anne is told, after all, that she may take up her scholarship and go to Redmond College along with Jane.

Meanwhile, Stephen Irving returns to Avonlea after fifteen long years and, with Anne's help, reunites with his lost love, Miss Lavendar. After spending time together rebuilding their relationship, the two marry and depart with Paul and Charlotte IV to start their new lives in Boston.


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Recurring cast

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Costumes: Joyce Rixon Macken
Designer: Antony Thorpe
Director: Joan Craft
Film Cameraman: Phil Meheux
Film Editor: Alastair MacKay
Film Sound: Stan Nightingale
Makeup: Christine Beveridge
Music Arranged by: Ed Welch
Music Played by: Jim Hughes
Producer: John McRae
Script Editor: Alistair Bell
Studio Lighting: Peter Catlett
Studio Sound: Alan Fogg
Writer: Elaine Morgan


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  • This episode reaired on January 23, 1977, on BBC.


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