Emily Harrison (née Scott) was the wife of James A. Harrison, a good friend of Rachel Lynde and a neighbour of Marilla Cuthbert, Anne Shirley, Rachel Lynde, Davy Keith and Dora Keith.


Early lifeEdit

Emily was born in 1830s in Scottsford, New Brunswick, to Mr. and Mrs. Scott. She was raised there and attended school at the age of six.

Marriage with James A. HarrisonEdit

James was a bachelor, whose sister kept house for him. When she died, she made him promise he would ask Emily to marry him. He did, suspecting she would not accept his proposal. However, Emily did and the two married.

After arriving home from their wedding tour, at two o'clock am, after she got into work clothes, Emily immediately set to work cleaning his home (which he had already had cleaned prior to the wedding). James realized soon enough that his bride was a very neat and tidy person, an exact opposite of himself. Emily set out to not only refine his house, but also refine his manners and grammar. James was obstinate and refused to be refined, but Emily kept on trying. Her tastes differed greatly from his. She disliked parrots, while James was fond of his parrot, Ginger, which his brother had given him. Unfortunately, Ginger was a very profane parrot and swore quite a bit. James did not like Ginger's swearing habit, but did not show this to Emily, who hated the parrot. To be perverse, he refused to get rid of his brother's pet and Emily was nearly at her wits' end.

The two parted ways on one fateful night. Two ministers and their wives had come to dinner, and Emily had asked James to take the parrot out. James, however, forgot. Just as the party was sitting down to eat, in the middle of the minister's prayer, Ginger began swearing and shrieking. James rose with a very red face and carried the parrot out. He was busy after the ministers and their wives left, but returned to the house as soon as possible, prepared to get rid of Ginger.

He found an empty house awaiting him. A note on the table told him that Emily had left, and would not return until the parrot was gotten rid of. He packed up her belongings, sent them after her, and lived a solitary life.

Life in AvonleaEdit

Emily was sorry, as was James, soon after the dust settled. However, their pride prevented them from "making up," so they parted ways. Emily lived alone, and James moved to Avonlea, Prince Edward Island. Anne, "Observer," wrote notes in the Avonlea Newspaper, saying that somebody was going to marry a nearby single woman. One of Emily's friends sent her a copy of the edition, with James' name written above "Somebody." Emily immediately came to Avonlea, and returned to her husband, all being fixed in an hour's time. Both were the wiser and lived happily for the duration of their lives.

Rachel Lynde, their next-door-neighbor, immediately struck up a friendship with Emily. The two got along splendidly and were good friends.


Emily was a very neat person, and rather particular.

Physical appearanceEdit


Emily is a female given name of Latin origin and means rival, labourious or eager.

Behind the scenesEdit


  • Barbara Adolph provided the voice of Emily in the German audio drama Anne of Avonlea (2008).
  • Barbara Angell portrayed Emily in one episode of the 1975 TV series Anne of Avonlea. She was the first actress to play the part.


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