Ellen Douglas (née West) was the sister of Rosemary and Bruce West and the second wife of Norman Douglas.


Early lifeEdit

Life with RosemaryEdit

Ellen loved her sister, Rosemary West, dearly. However, after the death of their mother, Ellen's health and spirits went downhill. Rosemary, frightened that she would lose her sister as well as her mother, went down on her knees and begged Ellen to tell her what she could do to make her well. Ellen forced Rosemary to promise she would never marry. Rosemary, whose heart was still broken from losing Martin Crawford, agreed. Ellen recovered, but kept a close eye on Rosemary and made sure that there were no gentlemen above sixteen and under eighty who came around making sheep's eyes at the beautiful Rosemary.

Marriage with NormanEdit

Ellen's marriage with Norman was an extraordinary event. Ellen had been courted by Norman in earlier days, when she was young, but the two had quarrelled and separated ways, in high dudgeon. Ellen had made Rosemary promise not to marry anyone ten years prior to the arrival of John Knox Meredith, who asked Rosemary to marry him. Naturally, Rosemary had to turn him down, even though she loved him. Rosemary had begged Ellen to go back on her promise, but Ellen remained cold-hearted... until Norman came back. Norman asked Ellen to marry him, and Ellen said that the only problem was the promise she had made Rosemary make in desperation for her sister's life.

Rosemary, of course, allowed Ellen to go back on her promise. Ellen, though, could not see the problem with Rosemary explaining the situation to John Meredith, who still loved Rosemary. Una Meredith, though, fixed the problem nicely, and there was a merry double wedding.


Ellen was a very jolly woman. She loved to debate over politics and theological points with John Meredith, and gave peppermints to children in church. She was very nice, but children were sometimes frightened of her due to her appearance.

Physical appearanceEdit

Ellen had big, black brows, ocean blue eyes, black hair and a rolling laugh. She was described as massive, and big and black.


Ellen is a female given name of Greek origin and means sun ray or shining light.


Book appearances

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