Echo Lodge was the quaint, picturesque home of Lavendar Lewis and Charlotta the Fourth. It later became a summer home for the Irving family.



Echo Lodge was built in 1800s by old Mr. Lewis, grandfather of Miss Lavendar, shortly after he and his wife came over from England. This early construction date made it one of the oldest houses on the Prince Edward Island.

Lewis familyEdit

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis came to Prince Edward Island at some point between 1800 - 1810. They were a very happy couple and had one known son, the father of Miss Lavendar. It is possible they had more children.

Lavendar's parents lived there after their wedding. She and her three siblings were born there. After her parents' death, Lavendar took charge of Echo Lodge. Stephen Irving was courting her, but the two quarreled and he left the stone house. Charlotta Bowman came to help Lavendar, and the two settled into a routine, Charlotta becoming her maid. For the next three years, Charlotta would keep house for Lavendar, staying until she turned sixteen. Then she went to Boston, and Lavendar took in the next sister, Julietta, who stayed for the next three years, calling her Charlotta as she bore a strong resemblance to her older sister. This cycle would continue all the way to the youngest Bowman sister, Leonora Bowman, known as Charlotta the Fourth.

Anne Shirley and Diana Barry happened to stumble upon Echo Lodge in October 1882. They became instant friends with Miss Lavendar, as they called her, and often visited that summer.

Paul Irving, the son of Stephen Irving, came to visit Echo Lodge one day with his teacher, Anne. Lavendar was a dear friend of Paul from then on, even though it hurt to be so near to Stephen's son.

Paul, unsuspecting of the old romance between the two, wrote to his father of Lavendar, and Stephen immediately came to Prince Edward Island. He proposed to her, and the two were married in August 1883, shortly before Anne's departure for college.

Irving familyEdit

The wedding was a beautiful one: after its conclusion, the happy couple departed for a wedding tour, while Anne and Charlotta cleaned the stone house and closed it up. The Irvings would soon return to the Island, gather their son and handmaid, and go to Boston. It was planned that every summer they would come back to Echo Lodge for vacations.


Echo Lodge was located at the fork of the road near East Grafton.

Physical appearanceEdit


"There was moment's stillness . . . and then from the woods over the river came a multitude of fairy echoes, sweet, elusive, silvery, as if all the 'horns of elfland' were blowing against the sunset."
—After Charlotta the Fourth blows a horn in the garden of Echo Lodge[src]

Echo Lodge was so called for the echoes that could be heard in its garden.


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