Dr. Jekyll-and-Mr. Hyde was the cat and pet of Rilla Blythe. Originally called Goldie, this cat had a weird habit of changing characters.


Early lifeEdit

Goldie, as Dr. Jekyll-and-Mr. Hyde was known during the early years of his life, was the son of a cat owned by the Blythe family. Later on, though, it became apparent that he deserved a different name.

Life at InglesideEdit

Dr. Jekyll-and-Mr. Hyde's life at Ingleside varied. Being a purry, prowly cat at times, or a wild, weird creature at others, Mr. Hyde ran away the day peace was declared in 1918. Susan, who disliked him, declared it was no coincidence.


"In a year's time "Goldie" became so manifestly an inadequate name for the orange kitten that Walter, who was just then reading Stevenson's story, changed it to Dr. Jekyll-and-Mr. Hyde. In his Dr. Jekyll mood the cat was a drowsy, affectionate, domestic, cushion-loving puss, who liked petting and gloried in being nursed and patted. Especially did he love to lie on his back and have his sleek, cream-coloured throat stroked gently while he purred in somnolent satisfaction. He was a notable purrer; never had there been an Ingleside cat who purred so constantly and so ecstatically."
Rilla of Ingleside[src]

Physical appearanceEdit

"Rilla kept one of the kittens, a very pretty one, with peculiarly sleek glossy fur of a dark yellow crossed by orange stripes, and large, satiny, golden ears."
Rilla of Ingleside[src]


Dr. Jekyll-and-Mr. Hyde was so named by Walter Blythe, who at the time was reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson.


Book appearances

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