Sybil "Dovie" Morrow (née Westcott) was the daughter of Franklin and Mollie Westcott and the wife of Jarvis Morrow. Kate MacComber was a distant aunt of her.


Early lifeEdit

Dovie was born in 1870 in Summerside to Mollie and Franklin Westcott. Her birth name was Sybil, but everyone called her Dovie - except her father.

Dovie lived with her parents in big old-fashioned house named Elmcroft, where she was raised. After her mother's death she was devastated. Dovie probably attended Summerside High School.

In late 1880s she fell in love with Jarvis Morrow, successful young lawyer of good family.

"Franklin Westcott has never allowed Dovie to have any beaus and when Jarvis Morrow began to 'pay her attention,' he forbade him the house and told Dovie there was to be no more 'running round with that fellow.' But the mischief had been done. Dovie and Jarvis were already fathoms deep in love."
Anne Shirley in her letter to Gibert.

Marriage with Jarvis MorrowEdit

Dovie was always described as 'having no backbone'. This came out in colours true when Jarvis began pleading for her to marry him—and elope! Dovie was filled with horror at the thought. She asked Anne's opinion, as did Jarvis... at seperate times, however. Anne encouraged both to 'elope', although it truly wasn't considered eloping, as they were to marry at Jarvis's sister's home. Thus, Tuesday night, Jarvis waited at the end of the long, Elmcroft lane.

And he waited.

Two hours had passed—and no sign of Dovie! Jarvis hastened to Anne in worry. She agreed to go and discover whether or not Dovie's father, Franklin, had returned. A quick trip to Elmcroft reavealed that Dovie was lying in bed crying! Anne hurried to talk some sense into her, and within a half hour Dovie was sitting by Jarvis's side on the way to the wedding. Jarvis was frustrated with her, but by the time they arrived, all was well. Dovie and Jarvis were both gushingly grateful to Anne—and asked her to do one more favour... break the news to Franklin Westcott. Anne agreed.

The next day found Anne walking resolutely up the front steps of the Westcott home. Franklin and she met and the library.. and once she 'broke the news to him', he went into spasms of soundless laughter! Anne felt a trifle annoyed, but once Mr. Westcott explained that he had planned this all along and played the part of a gruff and unrelenting parent just so Dovie would marry Jarvis, she felt ready to laugh as well. He swore her to secrecy, and all was well.


Physical appearanceEdit

"Dovie is a very pretty, plump, lovable girl of nineteen, with a red mouth always falling a little open over her small white teeth, glints of chestnut in her brown hair, alluring blue eyes and sooty lashes so long you wonder if they can be real."
Anne of Windy Poplars, Chapter 5, Third Year


Sibyl is a given name of Greek origin and means prophetess, oracle. In Turkish, Sibel means powerful queen.


Book appearances

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