"But those Douglases all hang together so. If you touch one, you touch all."
Cornelia Bryant about the Douglas family[src]

The Douglas family was a family that lived in Prince Edward Island near the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century.

About the familyEdit


Members by birth

  • Mrs. Alec Davis (nee Douglas) — aunt of Miller Douglas
  • Amy Annetta Douglas — second cousin of Norman Douglas
  • Charley Douglas
  • Fenner Douglas
  • Frank Douglas
  • John Douglas
  • Miller Douglas
  • Norman Douglas
  • Stephen Douglas
  • Thomas Douglas

Members by marriage

  • Betty Douglas (nee Churchill) — most likely the wife of Stephen Douglas
  • Ellen Douglas (nee West) — second wife of Norman Douglas
  • Hester Douglas (nee Reese) — first wife of Norman Douglas
  • Janet Douglas (nee Sweet) — wife of John Douglas
  • Mary Douglas (nee Vance) — wife of Miller Douglas
  • Mrs. Douglas — mother of John Douglas
  • Mrs. Douglas (nee Dillon) — mother of Miller Douglas
  • Mrs. Fenner Douglas
  • Rose Douglas — wife of Charley Douglas

Related members

  • Charity — cousin of Norman Douglas
  • Faith — cousin of Norman Douglas
  • Hope — cousin of Norman Douglas
  • Jinny — aunt of Norman Douglas

Related familiesEdit


Behind the scenesEdit


Book appearances

Short story appearances

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