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Dora Andrews (nee Keith) was the daughter of Mary Keith, the twin sister of Davy Keith, the niece of Richard Keith and the wife of Ralph Andrews.


Early life

Dora and her twin brother Davy were born in 1875 in East Grafton to Mr. Keith and Mary Keith. They were raised together and lived only with their mother after their father's death.

In October 1881, when the twins were six years old, their mother was ill and died after some time. Marilla Cuthbert, the third cousin of their father, decided to take them in after Mary's death. After their mother's funeral in East Grafton, Marilla brought the twins to Green Gables.

Life at Green Gables

Dora was extremely obedient and did any task she was told to do. Marilla gave Davy and Dora a small plot of ground for a garden. Dora planted, weeded, and watered carefully, systematically, and dispassionately. As a result, her plot was already green with prim, orderly little rows of vegetables and annuals.

When Anne left for college, Davy could not eat, but Dora did not want to waste food. She was sorry Anne was going away, of course, but was that any reason why she should fail to appreciate a poached egg on toast? Not at all. And, seeing that Davy could not eat his, Dora ate it for him.

It was mentioned in Anne of Windy Poplars, that Dora owned a kitten or kittens.


"Dora, like the immortal and most prudent Charlotte, who "went on cutting bread and butter" when her frenzied lover's body had been carried past on a shutter, was one of those fortunate creatures who are seldom disturbed by anything..."
—Dora's personality.

Dora was obedient and eager to do what her elders told her to do. She was extremely unemotional, unlike Davy and was rarely able to cry more than two delicate tears, unless she got hurt.

When she was young, her older deskmate at school, Mirabel Cotton, frightened her by telling her about her buried uncle. Dora stated that she was only worried that she might see him in the dark.

Marilla said that she had more common sense than most mothers. She was considered perfect in looks and behavior: a complete contrast of her mischievous brother.

It is hinted that Dora married Ralph Andrews because she was worried that she would become an old maid.


Davy Keith

Davy was Dora's twin brother. She appeared to get along with him well, but did not like when he played pranks on her, an activity he did often, having few others to prank.

Anne Shirley

Ralph Andrews

Diana announced to Anne that Dora had her first beau. She eventually married him.

Minnie May Barry

Dora's best friend was Minnie May and they shared secrets.

Paul Irving

When she was young, she liked Paul and wanted to marry him when he was older because he was kind to her. Paul did not return her feelings and became repulsed at the idea of young marriage.

Frank Bell

She was kissed by Frank Bell (most likely on the cheek), and didn't slap him or seem a bit cross though she claimed she didn't know he was going to. He was not her beau as she didn't announce it publicly.

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Annabelle Lanyon

Dora is a female given name of Greek origin and means gift.

Behind the scenes


  • Lindsay Murrell portrayed Dora in Road to Avonlea in season five through seven and replaced Ashley Muscroft in that role.
  • Ashley Muscroft portrayed her in the second and the third season of Road to Avonlea.
  • Annabelle Lanyon portrayed Dora in all six episodes of the 1975 TV series Anne of Avonlea.


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