"From the conceit of the Elliotts, the pride of the MacAllisters, and the vainglory of the Crawfords, good Lord deliver us."
Cornelia Bryant about the Crawfords[src]

The Crawford family was a large family who predominantly resided in the Over-Harbour area of Four Winds on Prince Edward Island during the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries.

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Members by birth

  • Abner Crawford
  • Albert Crawford
  • Billy Crawford
  • Bob Crawford
  • Candace Crawford — member of the Ladies' Aid Society
  • Christine Crawford — member of the Ladies' Aid Society
  • Dean Crawford
  • Hannah Crawford
  • Harvey Crawford
  • Jack Crawford
  • Jake Crawford
  • John Crawford
  • Captain Josiah Crawford
  • Leander Crawford
  • Sergeant Malcolm Crawford
  • Mark Crawford
  • Martin Crawford — was engaged to Rosemary West but died at sea
  • Mollie Crawford
  • Nathan Crawford
  • Reta Crawford
  • Roddy Crawford — owner of the dog Bruno
  • Sandy Crawford
  • Tom Crawford
  • Will Crawford
  • William Crawford — friend of Captain Jim

Members by marriage

  • Sophia Crawford
  • Mrs. Albert Crawford
  • Mrs. Billy Crawford
  • Mrs. Dean Crawford
  • Mrs. John Crawford
  • Mrs. Leander Crawford
  • Mrs. Mark Crawford
  • Mrs. Tom Crawford

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