The Clow family was a family who lived in Glen St. Mary, Four Winds, Prince Edward Island near the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century.

About the familyEdit

The Clow family were well-respected in Glen St. Mary and well-connected and influential in the Presbyterian church.


Members by birth

  • Abraham Clow — Elder of the Glen St. Mary church and Superintendent of the Sunday School
  • Adella Clow — classmate of Faith Meredith
  • Alice Clow
  • Annabel Clow — member of the Ladies' Aid Society
  • Bessie Clow
  • Charlie Clow
  • Dick Clow
  • Dora Clow — friends with Nan Blythe
  • Fannie Clow
  • Frank Clow
  • Fred Clow
  • Gladys Clow — daughter of James and Matilda Clow
  • Grant Clow
  • James Clow — husband of Matilda Baker and father to Gladys
  • Julia Clow — Sunday School teacher
  • Martin Clow
  • Minnie Clow — classmate of Faith Meredith
  • Sarah Clow
  • Theodore Clow
  • Winnie Clow

Members by marriage

  • Matilda Clow (nee Baker) — wife of James Clow, mother to Gladys, and sister to Susan Baker
  • Mrs. Abraham Clow — also referred to Mrs. Elder Clow in the Presbyterian church
  • Mrs. Dick Clow
  • Mrs. Fred Clow
  • Mrs. Grant Clow — member of the Ladies' Aid Society
  • Mrs. Martin Clow
  • Mrs. Theodore Clow — member of the Ladies' Aid Society

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Behind the scenesEdit


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