Christopher Blake was an English actor who portrayed Gilbert Blythe in the 1975 TV series Anne of Avonlea.



Year Title Role
1973 Because of the Cats Frank Kieft
1974 Death or Glory Boy David Parker
Warship Sg. Lt. Newcombe
1975 Anne of Avonlea Gilbert Blythe
Crown Court Peter Venables
Second City Firsts
Hennessy Young Soldier
1976 Aces High Lieutenant Roberts
1977 Love for Lydia Richardson
Stigma Richard
1978 Mixed Blessings Thomas Simpson
The Lost Boys George
1979 The Mill on the Floss Tom Tulliver
1981 Tales of the Unexpected Israeli Officer
1981 - 1986 That's My Boy Robert 'Shane' Price
1982 Alexa Paul
1985 Love's Labour's Lost Longaville
1989 Young Charlie Chaplin Asylum Doctor
1990 - 2001 Casualty Alan / Mike Jameson
1991 Brookside Tim Derby
1992 So Haunt Me Chris Longford
To Be the Best Sandy
1995 Down to Earth Chris Fairfax
1996 The Upper Hand Martin
La passione John MacIlroy
1997 Birds of a Feather David Kane
2000 Child 2 Man Dabdu's Sidekick
2001 Doctors Dan Armstrong

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