"She looks just as I've always wanted to look. Rose-leaf complexion – starry violet eyes – raven hair – yes, she has them all. It's a wonder her name isn't Cordelia Fitzgerald into the bargain! But I don't believe her figure is as good as mine, and her nose certainly isn't."
Anne Shirley's first impression of Christine[src]

Christine Dawson (née Stuart) was the sister of Ronald Stuart, the wife of Andrew Dawson, and a friend of Gilbert Blythe.


Early lifeEdit

Christine was born in 1865 somewhere in Nova Scotia to Mr. and Mrs. Stuart. She was raised there along with her brother Ronald. At the age of six she attended school. Years later, Christine decided to continue with studies.

Studies at Redmond CollegeEdit

When Christine's older brother, Ronald Stuart, left Redmond, he requested that Gilbert be friends with his sister, who was coming that winter. Gilbert, who had just been turned down by Anne, agreed. The two went about together everywhere, and Redmond gossips said they would be engaged within the year. Anne, who missed Gilbert, was sad, angry and jealous at Christine, who was apparently going to marry Gilbert. Unknown to Anne, both Gilbert and Christine were aware that Christine was engaged to a young man back home, so their relationship was entirely platonic.

Marriage with Andrew DawsonEdit

"She remembered hearing many years ago that Christine had "married well" and gone West."
Anne Shirley about Christine's marriage.[src]

Christine was engaged with Andrew Dawson. They were married probably during 1890s and had large wedding. They moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba and settled down there. Christine and Andrew didn't have children.

Anne: "You, I think, have none."
Christine: "I never cared for children, you know. I'm afraid I'm not the maternal type. I really never thought that it was woman's sole mission to bring children into an already overcrowded world."
Anne Blythe and Christine Dawson.[src]


Christine was often snooty and jealous but was polite to Anne in front of Gilbert. After many years they met again, Christine asking Anne if she had been to Oberammergau, when she knew well Anne hadn't, as well as insulting Jonas Blake.


Gilbert BlytheEdit

"There was a time, you know, when I really had quite a fancy for this husband of yours. I believe he really was the nicest beau I ever had. But you must forgive me since I didn't take him from you."
—Christine to Anne Shirley.[src]

She was secretly in love with Gilbert Blythe and wondered what Anne had that she didn't. She and Gilbert did many things together at Redmond and remembered them later. Gilbert did not reciprocate her feelings and considered her only a friend throughout their college years, though was aware of the rumours that they were courting. Later in life, Gilbert told Anne that he had never found Christine to be very entertaining and after meeting Christine again, found her to be a worse bore than ever and grown malicious, with a laugh that got on his nerves and a hardened and aged face. Though Gilbert admitted that Christine wasn't a bad person, it seemed "the pinch of salt was left out of her."[1]

Physical appearanceEdit

"A tall, ivory-white girl with great dark-blue eyes and blue-black masses of hair. And a certain air of distinction. But with a long nose ... yes, definitely a long nose. Handsome ... oh, you couldn't deny that Christine had been very handsome."
Anne's impression of Christine[src]

Christine was very pretty, but when she smiled (quite forcefully), Anne would picture a mouthful of teeth. Christine also had large hands.


Christine is a female given name of French and Latin origin and means follower of Christ.

Behind the scenesEdit



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