Charlotte "Chatty" MacLean was a sweet, sensitive old widow who lived in Windy Poplars.


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Later lifeEdit

In her later years, Charlotte married Lincoln MacLean. He was an 'old crank'... nobody minded but Chatty thought people held it against her.

Life at Windy PoplarsEdit

Chatty's life at Windy Poplars is described in the book Anne of Windy Poplars. Extremely sensitive, wistful, superstitious and a novel-reader and card-player, Chatty found a great friend in Anne. She came up to the tower room every evening to buttermilk her face, but swore Anne to secrecy of this fact. "Kate would think it so frivolous..."

Chatty stored her books and cards in a 'hidy-hole' in secret spot of her chair. Rebecca Dew, after all, would make short work of such things if she found them!


She buttermilked her face every night, read novels, and played an occasional game of cards—all of which were stored in a 'hidy-hole' located in a chair.

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"...and Aunt Chatty was short and thin and gray, and a little wistful. She may have been very pretty once but nothing is now left of her beauty except her eyes. They are lovely . . . soft and big and brown."
Anne Shirley in her letter to Gilbert Blythe[src]

According to Anne Shirley, Chatty may have been once a very pretty woman. However, due to aging, she lost almost all of her beauty except her eyes.


Charlotte is a female given name of Old German origin and means free man.

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