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Leonora Bowman
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Charlotta the Fourth

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West Grafton School

Leonora Bowman, also known as Charlotta the Fourth, was the younger sister of Charlotta, Julietta and Evelina, the faithful maid of Lavendar Lewis, and the best of the Bowman girls.


Early lifeEdit

Leonora was born in 1868 in West Grafton, Prince Edward Island, to Mr. and Mrs. Bowman. She was raised there along with her older sisters Charlotta, Julietta and Evelina

In September 1874 she attended West Grafton school but she didn't finish it. In 1881, her sister Evelina moved to Boston and Leonora became the fourth housemaid of Miss Lavendar Lewis at her house Echo Lodge.

Life with LavendarEdit

Charlotta's life with Lavendar could hardly be considered 'normal'. The two were quite a pair, used to eating all sorts of indigestible things, having dreadful midnight snacks—which sometimes resulted in dreams!—, and having riotous occurrences on all occasions. Such was the situation when Anne Shirley and Diana Barry happened to come upon Echo Lodge one day, when Lavendar was pretending to have tea. Charlotta devoutly admired Anne's gracefulness and beauty, though she "liked Diana's beauty", as she assured Anne.

When Stephen Irving came to take his bride, Charlotta featured largely in the preparation and aftermath. For example, she threw the shoe... with such accuracy that it hit Mr. Allan!

Residence in BostonEdit

Charlotta the Fourth's residence in Boston is not elaborated on much. It is known, though, that she was delighted to be able to go to Boston. "And me only fifteen!"


Charlotta married a young Bostonian bricklayer by the name of Tom, who, of course, called her Charlotta. On the wedding day, though, he said "I take thee, Leonora." She had some children.

"And I was always so worried, Miss Shirley, that it wasn't me after all but someone else he was taking!"
—Charlotta to Anne Shirley[src]



Charlotta the Fourth

Physical appearanceEdit

"A girl of about fourteen, with a freckled face, a snub nose, a mouth so wide that it did really seem as if it stretched "from ear to ear," and two long braids of fair hair tied with two enormous bows of blue ribbon."
Anne of Avonlea, Chapter 21[src]


Leonora is a female given name of Greek origin, variant of Eleanor and means compassion or light.

  • Charlotta (Leonora's nickname) is a female given name of Old German origin, variant of Carol and Charlotte meaning free man.
  • Leonora and her sisters Julietta and Evelina shared the same nickname, Charlotta.

Behind the scenesEdit


  • Charlotte Mertens provided the voice of Charlotta in the 2008 German audio drama Anne in Avonlea.
  • Claire Lewis portrayed Charlotta in two episodes of the 1975 TV series Anne of Avonlea. She is the first actress to play the part.


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