Cecilia Meredith was the first wife of Reverend John Meredith and the mother of Jerry, Faith, Una and Carl.


Marriage with John MeredithEdit

Cecilia Meredith was the beloved mother of Jerry, Faith, Carl and Una. She gave her children quite a few noticeable traits, such as Carl's eyes, and Una's hair.


The cause of Cecilia's death is unknown. It is known, however, that when John was leading the children in to say good-bye, she had clung to Una.

"Take good care of her, John. She's not like the others—dear souls. They can fend for themselves, but she's different. Love her, John."
—Cecilia's last words.


Physical appearanceEdit


Cecilia is a female given name of Latin origin and means blind or sixth.


Book appearances

"Tell me candidly, do you see any faults in my story?"
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