Carter Flagg was a Glen St. Mary resident and the owner of a local store.


Early lifeEdit

Life in Glen St. MaryEdit

Carter Flagg was married to Mrs. Flagg, who was a member of the Ladies' Aid Society, and had a son, Jack, who helped out in the store.

During Anne of Ingleside, Jem went "missing." All of Ingleside was in an uproar over it, being very worried about Jem. Carter Flagg took a group of men to drag the pond for Jem. Fortunately, the young boy was found, fast asleep in a chair. Susan 'phoned the news up to him, and Carter Flagg said, "Thank God!" Susan remarked that she would never complain about his prices again.

World War IEdit


Physical appearanceEdit


Carter is a male given name of Old English origin and means one who transports goods.

  • Carter's name might be a reference to his occupation.


Book appearances

Short story appearances

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