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This article is about the dog that belonged to Teddy Armstrong. You may be looking for the dog that belonged to Dick Moore.
Carlo was a dog that belonged to Teddy Armstrong.


Early lifeEdit

Carlo was a Newfoundland dog that was probably taken in by the Armstrongs between 1880 and 1888. He was often Teddy's playmate (as he was an only child and his father, James Armstrong, wouldn't let him go to school) and was his buddy when James wouldn't let his son play with him.

The photographEdit

After having been refused a subscription to the High School Dramatic Club by James, Anne Shirley and Lewis Allen met Teddy and Carlo in the garden, who offered them an apple turnover as compensation for the refusal of the subscription. Anne, in thanks, asked Teddy if he wanted the photograph taken. Teddy, pleased, let Lewis take his picture with Carlo and had them promise to have it mailed after it was developed so Teddy could give it as a surprise to his father.

After Teddy's deathEdit

Teddy died of pneumonia within three weeks of Anne and Lewis first finding him. Carlo, who loved Teddy, deeply missed him and was just as heartbroken as James was of his death. However, Lewis Allen, James' long-lost nephew, came to live with James and cheered them up, taking the place of Teddy Armstrong and helping in the house.

Little is known about what happened after, but it can be assumed that Carlo eventually began to love Lewis, too.


Teddy ArmstrongEdit

Carlo loved Teddy. He was his playmate and his caregiver as well as best friend. Since Teddy was not allowed to go to school and play with the other boys, Carlo was his friend. When Teddy died of pneumonia, Carlo was devastated and looked to Anne and Lewis for answers when they came back to Dawlish Road.

Lewis AllenEdit

After Teddy's death, James took Lewis in to take Teddy's place after discovering that he was a relative of his. Since there was no more Teddy to play with him, it can be assumed that he began to love Lewis and played with him, too.


Book appearances

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