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Budge Wilson
Author information

May 2, 1927
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Birth name

Budge Marjorie Archibald



Years active



Before Green Gables

  • Maynard Brown Archibald (father)
  • Helen MacGregor Archibald (mother)
  • Joan Archibald Colborne (sister)

Budge Wilson is a Canadian children's author who wrote Before Green Gables, an authorised prequel novel to the Anne of Green Gables series.



  • A House Far From Home (1986)
  • Mr. John Bertrand Nijinksy and Charlie (1986)
  • The Best Worst Christmas Present Ever (1987)
  • Mystery Lights at Blue Harbour (1987)
  • Breakdown (1988)
  • Going Bananas (1989)
  • Thirteen Never Changes (1989)
  • The Leaving: Stories (1990)
  • Madame Belzile and Ramsay Hitherton-Hobbs (1990)
  • Lorinda's Diary (1991)
  • Oliver's Wars (1992)
  • Cassandra's Driftwood (1994)
  • Cordelia Clark (1994)
  • The Courtship: Stories (1994)
  • Harold and Harold (1995)
  • The Dandelion Garden and Other Stories (1995)
  • Mothers and Other Strangers: Stories (1996)
  • The Long Wait (1997)
  • Sharla (1997)
  • Duff the Giant Killer (1997)
  • The Cat That Barked (1998)
  • The Fear of Angelina Domino (2000)
  • Duff's Monkey Business (2000)
  • A Fiddle for Angus (2001)
  • Manfred the Unmanageable Monster (2001)
  • Fractures: Family Stories (2002)
  • Izzie: The Christmas that Almost Wasn't (2002) (Part of the Our Canadian Girl series)
  • The Imperfect Perfect Christmas (2004)
  • Izzie Book Two: Trongate (2005) (Part of the Our Canadian Girl series)
  • Izzie Book Three: Patricia's Secret (2005) (Part of the Our Canadian Girl series)
  • Izzie Book Four: Homecoming (2006) (Part of the Our Canadian Girl series)
  • Friendship: Stories (2006)
  • Before Green Gables (2008)

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