Bonnyview is the summer home of the Nelson family in Summerside. It is located in a beautiful spot, across a bay from the Wilcox house.



The date of construction is unknown. It was probably before Nora's or Sally's birth, because they spent their childhood there. That means, the house was built before 1860s.


"When I was a child I heard an old minister say that a house was not a real home until it had been consecrated by a birth, a wedding and a death."
Marilla Cuthbert to Rachel Lynde concerning weddings in houses.

Bonnyview's birth and death history is unknown. However, Sally Nelson married Gordon Hill there, and it is possible Nora Nelson married Jim Wilcox in that house as well.

Sally's wedding took place in Bonnyview on June 30, 1888. Many wedding guests arrived a day before and spent a night there.



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