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Blythe family
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The Blythe family was a family that lived in Prince Edward Island in the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

About the family


Members by birth

Members by marriage

Related families

Family tree

Mr Blythe
Mrs Blythe
Dave Blythe
(b. 1820s)
Mrs Dave Blythe
Mr Blythe
Mrs Blythe
John Blythe
Mrs John Blythe
(d. 1898)
Mary Maria Blythe
(b. 1845)
Gilbert Blythe
(b. 1862)
Anne Shirley
(b. 1865)
Joyce Blythe
(d. 1891)
Jem Blythe
(b. 1892)
Faith Meredith
(b. 1895)
Walter Blythe
Nan Blythe
(b. 1895)
Jerry Meredith
(b. 1894)
Diana Blythe
(b. 1895)
Shirley Blythe
(b. 1897)
Rilla Blythe
(b. 1899)
Kenneth Ford
(b. 1893)
Jem Blythe Jr.
(b. 1920s)
Walter Blythe Jr.
(b. 1920s)
Anne Blythe
(b. 1920s)
Diana Meredith
(b. 1920s)
Gilbert Ford
(b. 1920s)
Rilla Ford
(b. 1920s)


Several members lived in the small village of Avonlea, including John and Gilbert Blythe. Later Gilbert married Anne Shirley and they moved to the House of Dreams, Four Winds, where Anne gave birth to two children Joyce and Jem, the latter of whom survived. After living there for two years, Gilbert decided they needed a bigger house to live in.

They moved to Ingleside, Glen St. Mary, where the rest of Anne's children were born. Gilbert's great-aunt, Mary Maria Blythe, was mentioned to have a home in Charlottetown, but came to Ingleside for a short visit after her mother died aged eighty-five.

Behind the scenes


Many of the Blythe children (with the exception of Joyce) were named after other people, living or dead, that had made a particular influence on Anne and Gilbert.


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