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  • LilyLacreag

    Friday was my lucky day. By accident I found the 2016 film online - brilliant quality and with Czech dubbing (Czech is one of the languages I understand and even speak) that was made for the Czech broadcast on HBO. Even though I wanted to order the DVD and watch the movie with the original sound, I couldn't resist and had to see it as soon as I could. I still want to order the DVD to hear the original voices, but the dubbing was (surprisingly) not that bad.

    When it comes to the movie... almost everything I want to say, is already covered in Eikakou and Susannah's reviews and I feel pretty much the same about it. I particularly liked Botsford's Marilla - I'm not saying she was the perfect Marilla, but I liked the way she portrayed the charac…

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  • LilyLacreag

    You may know that I am the Ebenezer Scrooge kind of person - I think twice before buying things, especially when it comes to DVDs. But yet I decided to order Anne: Journey to Green Gables from the German Amazon. The price was really good, even though the shipping was almost more expensive than the DVD itself. My order arrived only yesterday, but I couldn't wait, I had to watch the film immediately. So... here are my thoughts.

    Technical stuff

    It is a classic one-disc DVD, with only one language option (English) and apparently without subtitles - at least I couldn't find them anywhere. It is a Region 1 DVD, which means it should only work in the US or Canada (I live in Region 2), but I found out on the Internet that those DVDs can be played on y…

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  • SusannahWithAnH

    (Psst: This is kind of a LONG review! Maybe go get something to eat or drink while you read.)

    Yesterday, I went to the cinema with my mum and sister and watched L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables, starring Ella Ballentine as Anne. Today, I'm sitting down with a mug of tea and attempting to write a coherent review of the movie. Here goes.

    Fun fact: we wanted to go to an earlier (cheaper) session, but it was all booked out, so we had to go to the afternoon session instead. The cinema was nearly full, and consisted of a good range of ages (it was a public holiday), from older couples to parents with children and teenagers (mostly girls). The audience was very responsive and laughed at all the funny parts in the movie. It was lovely vibe, and …

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  • Eikakou

    It's been a few months since it aired on YTV, but I'm wondering if anyone has seen L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables and would like to discuss it? I did see it and wanted to share some thoughts (and I'll hope you'll forgive me if my memory is off - this was way back in February). Please be warned - there's probably spoilers (I don't know what counts for spoilers, so consider this my warning).


    While I'm going to admit I was probably (at least subconsciously) comparing it to the 1985 miniseries, I was watching the movie to see it on its own merits and how it would compare to the events in the book. I'm also going to say that I haven't read Before Green Gables, but I didn't feel like there were many parts in the film that needed the audie…

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  • ChristineNOTChristina


    February 23, 2016 by ChristineNOTChristina

    Ok, I have recieved TBAQ and have read up to the end of the fourth short story so far. I love Anne's poems—and I have read "a bit" ahead—"The Aftermath" and following dialogue by Jem and Anne. It's way thicker than I excpected—nearly one-and-a-half inches long (3 and a half centimeters)!! (Now I want the Rilla of Ingleside edited by Benjamin Lefebvre.)

    The first "entry" in the book is Walter's "Piper" then the longest story, "Some Fools and a Saint." It's rather freaky. Along the way, there are several "Evening Vignettes" discussing Anne's old poems. The climax for me came when, at the end of the fourth story "The Twins Pretend," Anne and Gilbert eavesdrop on a conversation between two reunited lovers and then think, respectively,

    "Isn't that …

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  • SusannahWithAnH

    For those who do not know (seriously, where have you been?), Green Gables Fables is a YouTube web series based on Anne of Green Gables and starring Mandy Harmon as Anne. Now, since it was only the second web series I'd ever watched (the first was Job Hunters), and adaptations of Anne tend to vary wildly in terms of quality, originality and appeal, I wasn't sure what to make of it at first. Interestingly, its three creators – Alicia Whitson, head writer; Marie Trotter, producer and transmedia boss; and Mandy Harmon, director and actress – are three young women who have never met in person.

    I started watching Green Gables Fables when there were only ten episodes posted, thanks to LilyLacreag, but I didn't think they were anything spectacular, though I…

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  • LilyLacreag

    Hi everyone!

    So... I finished watching Akage no An yesterday and my work is almost done. After two months of watching, writing down the notes, uploading info and editing, it's finally the time to sum up and sort out my thoughts.

    My Review

    Akage no An is without any doubts a perfect adaptation of Anne of Green Gables. It covers EVERY single moment mentioned in the book - the only thing that wasn't included is Anne's walk through the Haunted Forest. I totally fell in love with that story once again.

    The series has enchanting music and flawless drawings. When I started to watch it, I was a little bit afraid as I usually watch films and TV series in my language or in English. But after several episodes I got used to Japanese language and even learnt s…

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