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Before Green Gables
Book information


Budge Wilson


Penguin Group

Publication date

21 February 2008



Before Green Gables is an authorised prequel novel to the Anne of Green Gables series. It was written in 2008 by Budge Wilson, a Canadian children's author, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the series. The book concerns Anne Shirley's life before she arrives at Green Gables, including the deaths of her parents, Walter and Bertha Shirley.


"This book is for
Alan and Glynis and Andrea"

Book description

Before she arrived at Green Gables, Anne Shirley had a difficult early life. Orphaned as a baby, she is sent from one foster home to the next and escapes from her dark reality through the power of her vivid imagination. Curious, inventive, and outspoken, even at a young age, Anne battles to make a life for herself by searching out kindred spirits, finding solace in her books, and dreaming of the day she has a family of her own. Award-winning author Budge Wilson brings young Anne vibrantly to life in this fully authorized prequel to the much-loved Anne of Green Gables.


  1. Walter Leaves for Work
  2. Jessie's Revelation
  3. Walter Returns
  4. Tea with Jessie
  5. Waiting for March
  6. Mrs. Thomas Comes
  7. Anne Shirley
  8. First Weeks
  9. Fever and Fears
  10. A Small World
  11. Four Days
  12. What to Do?
  13. Moving Out
  14. Moving In
  15. Difficult Times
  16. Eliza's News
  17. Changes
  18. Heartbreak
  19. Eliza's Wedding Day
  20. Katie Maurice
  21. Katie and Anne
  22. Mr. Thomas and Anne
  23. Disaster
  24. The Fruits of Disaster
  25. Preparing to Leave
  26. Leaving and Arriving
  27. Marysville
  28. Mats, Education, and Eggs
  29. A Long Walk
  30. The Egg Man
  31. Words
  32. Anger and Fear
  33. New Directions (US and UK editions title: "On the Way")
  34. First Day at School
  35. Recess
  36. A Talk With Mr. Johnson
  37. Anne Receives a Dictionary
  38. A Blizzard of Surprises
  39. An Expedition (US and UK editions title: "A Journey")
  40. A Terrible Shock
  41. A Hardened Heart
  42. A Surprise Visit
  43. A Magic Day
  44. A Long Fall
  45. Winter
  46. Another Surprise Visit (US title: "A Surprise Visit")
  47. School and Other Things
  48. Terror
  49. Birthday Presents
  50. Tragedy (US and UK editions title: "Disaster")
  51. The Downside of Death
  52. A Sad Conversation
  53. Mrs. Hammond Comes
  54. Goodbyes (US title: "Good-byes")
  55. The Journey
  56. Discoveries
  57. Violetta and Miss Haggerty
  58. More Discoveries
  59. Daffodils and Other Things
  60. Afterwards (US title: "Afterward")
  61. Time Passes
  62. Another Year, Another Time
  63. Endings
  64. Another Departure
  65. Another Journey
  66. New Beginnings
  67. A Friend!
  68. A Revelation
  69. Mrs. Spencer (US title: "Mrs. Spencer Arrives")
  70. On the Way


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Behind the scenes

  • Before Green Gables was translated into Japanese as Kon'nichiwa Anne (basically Hello, Anne)
  • In this book, Anne is not discontent with her name. At an early age, she parrots her caregiver Eliza's way of saying Anne with an 'e'. Eliza's reason was that Anne's parents chose Anne for her and emphasized  the 'e'.
  • Also, Anne's foster parents were depicted with more human kindness than necessary as she was said by Marilla: "What a starved, unloved life she had had – a life of drudgery and poverty and neglect."
  • This book has been considered controversial as the style of writing was a bit too modern compared to Montgomery's original work.
  • The author has been praised for accurately describing the setting of Nova Scotia, which where the author herself was raised.

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