The Avonlea Hall is a very important building for holding events in Avonlea.


The roof was reshingled and painted red, while the hall itself was painted blue by Joshua Pye using the Avonlea Village Improvement Society subscription funds. Originally he was supposed to paint the hall green. It became famous as a mishap to surrounding neighbourhoods.

Physical appearanceEdit

When the Avonlea Hall is mentioned, it had recently been reshingled with red shingles. Though originally intended to be painted dark green, a mishap resulted in the hall being painted an eye-catching and unattractive shade of blue.

The hall remained blue as a result of the expense that was required to repaint it. After Anne Shirley left for Redmond College, Davy Keith wrote to Anne and informed her that the A.V.I.S. became tired of the colour and was working to canvass enough money together to repaint it.


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